Currently based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Paula Di Marco is a visual artist who explores figurative subjects using watercolor as her main medium. Paula was born in California and raised in Argentina where she first developed her love for art, which she inherited from her mother who was an artist in her early years. Paula taught herself how to draw during her teenage years by creating portraits of her childhood crush. However, she ended up leading an academic and subsequently a corporate life that kept her away from art. The next step in that life was moving to Vancouver to pursue a Master in Business Administration from the University of British Columbia. The beauty of the city inspired her to pick up her instruments again and rekindle that old flame in her heart.

Between 2015 and 2019, Paula created her own version of art school, exploring different types of media and subjects and participating in a variety of local art shows. Towards the end of this period she finally found in watercolor the medium she was missing to express all her ideas with complete freedom.

In 2020, Paula decided to go back to portrait drawing but this time using watercolor as the main medium to execute faces loaded with emotions in a surrealist style. Paula cites as some of her biggest influences contemporary watercolor artists such as Agnes Cecile, Ali Cavanaugh, Ana Santos, and Kelogsloop.

Today Paula works full time as a business analyst for the government; however, she spends evenings and weekends exploring her creative ideas, drawing, painting, and learning new techniques as well as developing new artistic skills such as Photoshop and web design.


    2022 Introspections + Expressions, Kay Meek Arts Centre, Vancouver, Canada

    2022 The Pancakes and Booze Art Show, Vancouver, Canada

    2022 "Summer 555", Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery, Santa Fe, USA

    2022 "ArtBase Virtual Exhibition", The Holy Art, London UK

    2022 "Contemporary", Boomer Gallery, London, UK

    2019 Too Many Dinner Parties II, Vancouver, Canada

    2019 Love in Motion, Vancouver, Canada

    2019 Too Many Dinner Parties I, Vancouver, Canada

    2018 Eastside Culture Crawl, Vancouver, Canada

    2018 “Works on Paper Exhibition”, Federation of Canadian Artists, Vancouver, Canada

    2017 “Mail-In Exhibition”, Federation of Canadian Artists, Vancouver, Canada

    2017 “Vancouver Arts Meet-Up Group Art Show and Celebration”, The Beaumont Studios, Vancouver, Canada


    2022 Beyond Words Literary Magazine, Issue 28

    2022 Bronze Award, “Faces 2022 International Juried Painting Competition”, Camelback Gallery, Scottsdale, USA

    2020 “The Time of Covid”, Creative community project to raise funds for DTES Women’s Center, Vancouver, Canada


    2018 Wicked Café, Vancouver, Canada

    2017 The Drive Coffee Bar, Vancouver, Canada