Original Paintings

Divine Feminine

I have always been fascinated by the tangible and intangible aspects of people, from the many little details that make a face be indistinguishably your own and no one else’s to the intricate human mind and the mystery of the soul. Our thoughts can trigger powerful emotions that filter through our pores resulting in a variety of facial expressions. In an effort to give form to intangible emotions, I have created a series of portraits using watercolor as my main medium to bring to life expressive faces in a surrealist style.

My mind has always gravitated towards surrealism as the default approach in this series of portraits. Many times, I find myself wandering to a space where I cannot really tell whether I am awake or not. Most things look like they should, but others move, bend, blend, and dissolve in unusual ways and that gives me the cue that I am dreaming. I like to create in this space where I can blur the line between reality and illusion allowing for new ways to express these intangible emotions.

In my work, women’s faces represent the feminine energy in people, a delicate yet powerful energy that invites us to connect to our hearts and feel our feelings. I invite you to explore these portraits, connect to the emotions in them, and sit with whatever they awaken in you.